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“I would like to say a huge thank you for my Acupuncture treatment during my IVF cycle. Not only was Shelley professional and supportive she also created a peaceful escape for me during an anxious time. With all the uncertainty of timescales with IVF treatment she could not have been more helpful when arranging appointments and talking through the best schedules for treatment. I felt truly at ease and that I was in the best possible hands. I am pleased to announce the arrival of a beautiful healthy baby, born in August 2012, from our first cycle of IVF, and would like to thank Shelley for the role she played within that.”

Female, Age: 34 (Acupuncture)


“I found the therapies at Livewell Acupuncture useful for treating pain or when feeling below par.
Acupuncture helped me to recover from a severe intestinal problem, and Reflexology helped me with the stress of caring for a disabled Husband and the aftermath of his death, it is very relaxing and set in comfortable warm surroundings.”

Female, Age: 72 (Acupuncture)


“I started having Acupuncture for Migraine attacks about 6 months ago. I had suffered with them for about 6 years, sometimes having up to 3 attacks a month. After about 5 sessions my migraine attacks started to reduce considerably, helping me to feel more relaxed and less stressed. I have also found Acupuncture and Massage useful for a recent back problem, especially for pain relief.”

Male, Age: 59 (Acupuncture)


“I was very nervous and apprehensive when I went for my first facial revitalisation treatment knowing that there were quite a few needles involved, but I was reassured and after a couple of treatments found I was a lot more relaxed.  After a few treatments I could see my skin looked more radiant and alive. When my course had finished the wrinkles and creases above my lip and my frown lines were less noticeable and my skin definitely looked more healthy.”
Female, age: 56 (Facial Revitalisation)


“Shelley started treating me about 5 years ago.  I suffered a miscarriage most likely due to a nasty kidney infection.  Leading on from that I experienced chronic fatigue.  After my miscarriage, I was physically and emotionally very low. I cannot write in words what Shelley's treatments have done for my health and general state of mind.  My reflexology treatments were one of the strongest factors in my recovery.
Shelley is an amazing healer and within a few months of treatment I was feeling healthy and coping with the trauma and illness I had experienced. 


Since my full recovery, I have gone on to have another child.  Shelley helped me with morning sickness and the treatments gave me a sense of well-being during my pregnancy.  Reflexology has also helped with sinus infections, colds and general minor ailments.  I now have treatments with Shelley as often as possible. She has a fantastic way of connecting with me as an individual and making me feel special.  She must know my feet so well now!  Reflexology with Shelley is like a visit to a peaceful sanctuary. She is able to boost my immune system and offer some 'me' time away from the hectic routine of normal life.  More than anything I come away feeling refreshed, relaxed and in tune with myself.  I have a lot to thank Shelley for.”
Female, Age: 36 (Reflexology)


“Livewell Acupuncture is a quite tranquil shelter from the hustle and bustle of the world; I found it useful for treating immune deficiency, anxiety and digestive problems. I continue to have treatments regularly to maintain general health and well-being.”
Female, Age: 63 (Acupuncture)


“I have known Shelley for the past nine years and in that time have found her to be very professional, efficient and more importantly, caring.  My first treatment with Shelley was Reflexology, a birthday gift from my daughter.  Best present ever!  I found this to be very relaxing and went on to have a treatment every week.

After two years I had a very bad fall and broke my clavicle.  After six months of physiotherapy I still had very limited movement in my arm.  At this point Shelley suggested I try Reiki.  I had four treatments one week then four the next.  After these two weeks the movement in my arm had noticeably improved and I was able to move my arm right round my back and do up my bra!  I have continued with Reiki ever since, during this time it has also successfully cleared up an inflamed sciatic nerve, and has generally helped to keep my body well balanced.  I visit Shelley every other week and can thoroughly recommend the treatments.”

Female, Age: 66 (Reiki)


“When I went to see Shelley I was suffering with a recurring lower back problem due to sports. I was having trouble standing up straight and was in considerable pain.  Shelley advised Acupuncture.  I had three treatments.  After the first treatment the following morning I had much better mobility and the pain had been considerably reduced.   The second treatment improved my mobility even more and reduced my pain down to a small ache and after the third treatment my back felt completely better.  I am not exactly fond of needles but Shelley’s calming and professional manner really helped my nerves and I did not realise how small the needles actually are.  I also see Shelley for regular back massages and Reflexology treatments and can thoroughly recommend any of her treatments.”

Male, Age: 33 (Acupuncture)


I have been receiving acupuncture from Shelley for the last few months mainly to try to relieve the symptoms of Fybromyalgia, which causes bouts of debilitating pain generally in my upper back and neck often leading to excruciating headaches. These ‘incidents’ were happening as often as 2-3 times a week and prevented me from getting on with normal life when they occurred, often all I could do was take strong pain relief and anti-inflammatory drugs and go to sleep. I find the treatments very relaxing and beneficial. Shelley takes my pulses and then decides on which points to work with according to what she finds. She will often supplement the treatment with some localized massage or Reiki whilst the needles are in.
I quite quickly noticed a marked improvement in my general well-being, both physical and mental and now the time between ‘incidents’ is getting longer. I am also able to recognize the warning signs of an attack and sometimes by taking appropriate action can now prevent it from turning in to a severe episode. I am hoping that I may yet see further improvements in my health as I work with Shelley towards achieving homeostasis!
Female, Age: 48 (Acupuncture)