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The initial appointment will start with a consultation. Areas covered in the consultation include discussion of any presenting conditions plus a detailed medical history and questions to help inform the practitioner of your current state of health. Following this you will be asked to undress down to undergarments and provided with a gown, a diagnostic procedure will then follow, assessing the body, tongue and pulses looking for any signs of internal imbalance.

Following the diagnostic procedure the practitioner considers all information obtained and devises correct approach for treatment. Appropriate points are selected and activated by the insertion of fine, sterile disposable needles. These are left in place for approximately 20 minutes and during this time you relax comfortably on the treatment couch. After the needles are removed appropriate after care advice is given and number and frequency of treatments advised.

Sometimes during treatment a herb may be applied to the end of specific needles and burned to warm the points, this is only applicable according to diagnosis. The herb is better known as Mugwort, however in Chinese Medicine it is usually referred to as Moxa.