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Acupuncture not only encourages the body to heal in times of illness, it also helps maintain internal balance throughout life, acting at a preventative level. Unfortunately preventative medicine can appear as a strange concept to the Western mind, with many people only seeking treatment for specific ailments or conditions when they arise; perhaps in some cases only resorting to complementary therapy as a last port of call. By this time the body and mind may be exhausted, feeling drained by medications and consistent failure to recover back to optimum health. It is a shame or perhaps a disaster that it often takes such circumstances to bring about awareness of one's state of health. This is why it is necessary to understand that the process of disease can start many years before symptoms manifest, and that there are many factors that challenge our health on a day-to-day basis. Thus, it is important to emphasise the role of 'Preventative Medicine', do not only seek treatment when you are ill, but to have treatment to help maintain being well!

The principles that underlie any Acupuncture treatment aim to support the body and mind throughout every cycle and development of life, thus it offers itself as a valuable and adaptable form of preventative treatment.